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Publisac: TC Transcontinental launches Ilovemypublisac.ca microsite

MONTREAL, Aug. 20, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TC Transcontinental (TSX:TCL.A TCL.B), owner of the Publisac, is launching this week the Ilovemypublisac.ca microsite, and its French-language version jaimemonpublisac.ca, in order to provide the Québec population with a wealth of information highlighting the utility, relevance and value of the Publisac, as well as a platform to express its support for this door-to-door distribution service which has been successful for almost 40 years. The microsite also underscores that this product is responsibly managed from an environmental standpoint and is an important tool for citizens, the local and regional economy, and democratic vitality.

“Many people have conveyed to us their willingness to publicly support the Publisac in the context of petitions questioning its current distribution model,” explains Benoit Caron, Vice President of Operations, Distribution, TC Transcontinental Printing. “This is why we developed a platform where they can express themselves on the importance of the Publisac being distributed to their door every week. Moreover, in connection with our recent advertising campaign deployed throughout Québec, this new microsite is a reliable source of information to learn all about the Publisac, notably its environmental commitments, its benefits with respect to the local economy, its crucial role for local information and its continuous improvement initiatives.”

Furthermore, taking an ecodesign approach, TC Transcontinental reiterates that, starting this fall, the Publisac, currently made from virgin and recyclable plastic, will be replaced by a bag made from 100% recycled plastic. This new bag will remain 100% recyclable and reusable.

TC Transcontinental invites the Québec population to support the Publisac by completing the form available at www.Ilovemypublisac.ca. Finally, it is important to note that the microsite does not replace the publisac.ca website for finding deals and online flyers.

Microsite design

The microsite, which is easy to navigate, presents a simple and streamlined creative design. It highlights the testimonials received from the population, from local newspaper publishers and from customers, as well as certain collaborators who contribute to the Publisac’s success. In the “News” section, it is also possible to read external articles that are complementary to the site’s content, as well as reference documents about the Publisac such as the results of the most recent CROP survey which measures the power of this distribution network.


Microsite creation and development: Wink Stratégies

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