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Pullin' Up In Provo: HuffPost’s Listen To America Tour Stops In Utah

Week six of HuffPost’s Listen To America road trip brought us to Provo, Utah.

Provo boasts the nation’s highest overall sense of well-being, according to a 2014 Gallup-Healthways survey. So what is it about the city that makes its 117,000 residents so happy? Well, for one, it has more candy shops than bars, and the mountain views are breathtaking. 

Additionally, there’s so much to do! The Provo area is a dream for any fan of physical activity. Think cycling, running, hiking, fly-fishing, climbing and more. Between the Provo River and the Timpanogos Cave National Monument, with its limestone caverns, you get both incredible scenery and glorious movement.

HuffPost spent some time talking to locals at Provo City Library and held a panel to learn about Mormon millennials ― a topic especially near and dear to Provo, which is home to Brigham Young University.

You can take a look at our time there below:

Mo Elinzano (back to camera) talks to Samantha Tomaszewski, Curtis Wong and Carol Kuruvilla during HuffPost's visit to Provo, Utah, on Oct. 18, 2017, as part of "Listen To America: A HuffPost Road Trip."
Passers-by check out the "Listen To America" tents during HuffPost's visit to Provo.
Haily White and Willow Vrablic sign up to be interviewed.
Craig Cooley walks to the video tent to be interviewed, accompanied by Emma Reilly and Hayley Miller.
Abram Charriet talks to HuffPost staffer Hayley Miller.
HuffPost and Peak XV staff put together swag bags before events get rolling in Provo.
One of multiple interviews is conducted during HuffPost's visit to Provo.
Bus driver Bobby Jansen cleans the HuffPost bus.
Nick Schaffer plays with Max while his mother, Sarah Hess, is interviewed.
HuffPost staffer Samantha Tomaszewski talks to Jody England Hansen after her interview.
Jared Labrum and his sons Beckett and Stockton wait to be interviewed.
A street scene in Provo, Utah.
People are interviewed in the tents.
Yulia Tanner and her daughter Olivia wait to be interviewed.
Audience members enter the "Who Are Mormon Millennials And How Will They Change America?" event at Provo City Library on Oct. 18, 2017.
Moderator Melissa Jeltsen (far right) and panelists Eric Baker, Ashley Lee and Carley Porter take part in the "Who Are Mormon Millennials And How Will They Change America?" event.
Ashley Lee speaks at the Mormon millennials panel discussion.
The audience listens to a discussion about the role of Mormon millennials.
Moderator Melissa Jeltsen speaks to the panel.
Panelist Carley Porter answers questions.
Audience member Lee Hales asks questions of panelists Eric Baker, Ashley Lee and Carley Porter (not shown).
Panelist Eric Baker speaks at the event.

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