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Pumpkin-Flavored Products Are Already Everywhere — and People Are Thrilled

Laura Entis

Pumpkins are polarizing.

Most people are decisively for the spread of pumpkin spice-flavored food, or decisively against. Where you fall has become something of a shorthand for personality-type (basic versus grouchy, to grossly simplify).

The latter camp gets particularly worked up every August, when pumpkin-flavor starts popping up in lattes, beer, and on grocery store shelves. "It's too soon!" is a common reaction. "Can't Big Food just let us enjoy our summer in peace, without commercializing a season and prematurely shoving it down our throats?"

Which, I see the point.

At the same time, fall is great. As we head into the soggy, humid dregs of summer, a reminder that crisp, boot-weather is (eventually) coming is welcome. More importantly, pumpkin-flavored stuff is delicious.

I'm not alone in this belief. For every "it's too soon for pumpkins" tweet, there's person celebrating the arrival of orange-colored everything.

Real hard-liners, meanwhile, have been obliviously making their own pumpkin creamer all summer.


For all the pumpkin lovers out there, here are seven products available now.

1. Ice Cream

2. M&M's

3. Beer

4. Cookies

5. Cheerios

6. Ground Coffee

7. PSL lattes