Pure Bright and Warm Cooperative Expands to European and Southeast Asian Markets with its Domestic Local Raw Material Products

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GOHEUNG, South Korea, February 03, 2023--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Pure Bright and Warm Cooperative (CEO Taek Sang Kwon, ‘Cooperative’) announced its plans to showcase food products made of local ingredients in Korea to the European and Southeast Asian markets.

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PurePlan Citron Juice 1KG (Photo: Pure Bright and Warm Cooperative)

Founded in 2013, the Cooperative is a social enterprise that processes and distributes food made from local raw materials grown in Goheung, Jeollanam-do, South Korea. It is dedicated to reinvigorating the local community and creating jobs based on its high value-added profit model. The name of the Cooperative reflects its aspiration to create a better world by having a pure body and mind (honestly), developing bright (innovative) products and content with warmth (love).

The Cooperative’s iconic brand is "PurePlan," which uses Korean citrons, pomegranates, and gingers cultivated in Goheung as raw materials to produce and sell various beverages including; ‘Clean Yuja’, ‘PurePlan Citron Juice’, ‘PurePlan Pomegranate Juice’, ‘PurePlan Ginger Juice’, ‘Trufru Yuzu & Pear’, and ‘Trufru Pomegranate & Red Ginseng’.

The Cooperative will develop its citron products into high-end and luxury ones to strengthen its competitiveness in overseas markets under the slogan, "The most local is the most global." It also plans to enter local platforms such as Amazon in USA, Alibaba in China, and Qoo10 in Japan to build its own overseas distribution network.

The Cooperative is currently exporting Goheung citrons to the United States, China, and Southeast Asia using low-temperature extraction and pasteurization technology. Its aim is to develop sugar-free citron drinks and introduce them to the European market in the future.

Taek Sang Kwon, CEO of Pure Bright and Warm Cooperative, said, "Korean citrons are gaining more and more popularity and preference abroad thanks to their excellent taste and scent. Based on this global trend, the members of the Cooperative and I will work together to make our products firmly position themselves in overseas markets in the near future."

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