Putin, Xi Pledge Closer Ties Amid Opposition to Trump

Stepan Kravchenko, Elena Mazneva
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    TRUMP responded: We'll just print more money. And we'll print some Chinese and Russia currency too.
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    Trump's tariffs were supposed to tank American stocks while allowing China to flourish. Seems the exact opposite is happening and now all the leftist TDS infected economists are scrambling to spin this latest development.
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    we will see the US economic dominance fall and china and india rise
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    Economics rule the world. Russia's economy is smaller then California's. China will use Russia to it's advantage like it does with every other country it deals with.
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    Who said Trump isn't a uniter?
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    Robert the Bruce
    Not since Ronald, Reagan have we seen an American leader actually putting American interests front and center as POTUS Trump is doing. This is the global left's worst nightmare coming to life right before their eyes. Hildabest was supposed to put the final nail in America's coffin and usher in the new post constitutional and subservient America. All of the eggs in that basket are now broken and they had no plan B. Their resultant temper tantrum has resulted in the Mueller investigation and all of the rest of the aberrant behavior we are witnessing in their attempted coup de ta.
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    Russia has a relationship with the worlds leading counterfeiter based on trust? Ok? The enemy of my enemy is my friend?
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    Several different crooked world orders lining up to stop Trump and America. The new American energy scare the hell out of them, what next they say with a President they cannot bribe or bully and he has the old American spirit growing back into the people. So many of their long term plans to destroy America with division tactics including press propaganda are getting being uncovered that Americans are waking up to the secret deals made over many of the last 50 years..
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    Well its our move now
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    That's just great let China sell their krap to Russia - we don't want it anymore.