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Q2Power Technologies Signs Term Sheet With ERTH Products to Expand Bio-Solid Compost and Specialty Soils Markets

LANCASTER, OH--(Marketwired - May 18, 2016) - Q2Power Technologies Inc. ( OTCQB : QPWR ) announced today that it has signed a term sheet with ERTH Products LLC of Metro Atlanta, GA, to expand throughout the United States the markets for certified compost and engineered soils utilizing bio-solids from waste water treatment plants that are usually landfilled or land applied.

ERTH Products owns and operates a large compost manufacturing facility in Plains, GA, from which it has serviced multiple waste water treatment plants for over 20 years. From these waste resources, ERTH produces high quality compost and engineered soils formulated to improve the control of storm water runoff, conserve water during the low-flow periods, and reduce pollution associated with runoff. These soils are used in commercial and municipal construction and infrastructure projects, rooftop gardens, water retaining structures and other landscapes designed to increase urban greenspace, reduce urban heat island effects, improve air quality, and provide a more aesthetically pleasing and sustainable environment.

The term sheet includes provisions for a worldwide license for Q2Power to utilize ERTH's knowhow, formulas and blends, business processes, product brands and other intellectual property to expand the composting and engineered soils opportunity to other waste water treatment plants. This license and other terms are subject to the completion of final agreements.

"We are pleased to take this important first step with ERTH Products, one of the leading bio-solids composting companies in the Unites States," stated Kevin Bolin, Chairman of Q2Power. "This proposed partnership could greatly expand Q2Power's offerings to waste water treatment plants, create additional revenue streams, and provide us with the expertise and reputation to implement our growth strategy in this field."

"We are thrilled to work with Q2Power, as we see a mutually beneficial relationship in expanding not only the ERTH brand and market share, but also growing our composting and recycled soils market nationwide," stated Wayne King Sr., Chairman of ERTH and former President of the United States Composing Counsel. "Giving waste water treatment facilities the power to become renewable resource recovery centers is a long term vision of ours, which we believe to be critical in building sustainable platforms to conserve water, nutrients and resources for our environment."

ERTH (which stands for Environmental Resource and Technology for Humanity) sells its compost under the tradename ERTH FOOD®, an all-purpose slow-release fertilizer and soil amendment with a guaranteed nutrient analysis. ERTH FOOD® is a Class A "Exceptional Quality" bio-solid compost as regulated by the EPA, and further, contains a United States Composting Council's (USCC) Seal of Testing Assurance documenting that it is a certified compost meeting the high contractual testing standards required by the USCC.

Mr. Bolin continued: "The business of bio-solid composting can provide Q2Power with tipping fees from waste water treatment plants which typically cover the costs of transporting the materials to a partnering compost facility and production of the primary compost product. This finished product can be sold into the agricultural industry, or upgraded to engineered soils used in the construction industry. While a smaller but growing market, engineered soils for construction and state or federal infrastructure projects provides the greatest margins and, in our opinion, the most beneficial use for bio-solid compost products. We intend to pursue that market strongly."

About Q2Power Technologies

Q2Power seeks to become a leading provider of waste management services for small-scale waste water treatment plants and other producers of methane and organic waste. Q2Power's current combined heat and power technology can be deployed with minimal time and expense at thousands of small-scale facilities that must dispose of waste such as methane, biogas and other used fuels at increasingly greater costs. Through an association with ERTH Products, Q2Power plans to also convert bio-solid waste from water treatment plants into beneficial reuse products such as compost and engineered soils. Q2Power installed its first power system this summer at an Ohio wastewater treatment plant and is on track to deploy commercial units and bio-solid solutions to meet customer demand in 2016.

For more information about Q2Power, please visit: www.q2p.com

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