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QIAGEN Expands Portfolio of Immuno-Oncology Assets for Future Companion Diagnostics and Biomarkers


  • Collaborates with Repertoire Genesis for access to T-cell /B-cell receptor repertoire assays for clinical next-generation sequencing
  • Acquires licensing rights for epigenomic (DNA methylation) immune checkpoint inhibitor biomarkers developed by researchers from the University of Bonn
  • Receives exclusive license to novel mRNA gene expression signatures from STRATIFYER Molecular Pathology GmbH which may guide treatment decisions for Immuno-oncology vs. targeted drugs in bladder cancer

QIAGEN (NYSE:QGEN; Frankfurt Prime Standard:QIA) today announced a series of agreements that expand its immuno-oncology assets for future commercialization of novel companion diagnostics for precision medicine in immuno-oncology, in particular based on the powerful next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology.

The agreements include a new collaboration with the Japanese company Repertoire Genesis Inc., which will provide access to novel technologies for the development of T-cell / B-cell receptor repertoire assays for use on NGS systems. QIAGEN intends to highlight these new agreements and other elements of its oncology portfolio at the Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) Annual Meeting, which is being held from November 7-9 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Additionally, QIAGEN has entered into a new licensing agreement with researchers at the University of Bonn in Germany for novel epigenomic biomarkers based on immune checkpoint gene methylation, including CTLA4, PD-L1 and PD1, with rights to co-develop predictive companion diagnostics. In a second licensing agreement, QIAGEN has gained exclusive access to biomarker intellectual property held by the German diagnostic company STRATIFYER Molecular Pathology GmbH that is intended to provide guidance for treatment decisions in bladder cancer.

This series of agreements comes after QIAGEN recently entered into an agreement with Illumina Inc. to accelerate the adoption of NGS in clinical decision-making. QIAGEN has non-exclusive rights to develop and globally commercialize companion diagnostics and other IVD kits to be used together with Illumina’s MiSeq™ Dx and NextSeq™ 550Dx Systems. The agreement also includes rights for expansion of the partnership on future Illumina diagnostic (Dx) systems. The partnership will initially focus on commercializing oncology IVD kits to support patient management and may expand in the future to include additional clinical diagnostic fields, such as cardiology, hereditary diseases, infectious diseases, as well as inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.

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