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QRMart, the Leading Singapore Household Magazine Now Going Online

SINGAPORE, April 1, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- QRMart, one of the top and popular household magazines in Singapore has announced that they will go online. QRMart is now going to open up online directories such that businesses can choose to advertise their products and/or services on the website and thereby gain larger traction.

One of the key spokesmen for the company was quoted as saying, "We checked the online market and realized the kind of scope it has. There are so many people who are now falling on to the internet to scour meaningful data. We are looking to be your favorite searching spot for all kinds of services."

QRMart has been offering a plethora of different services ranging from magazine advertising to web design, development and more. They are the one stop directory for anyone looking to find the best local services. Such is their popularity that most people in Singapore make it a point to check out this magazine as soon as each new edition is out.

Being the Singapore leading household magazine, QRMart always aspires to bring the best of information and details to its readers. Even with the website, they aim to offer accurate information. Users have the option of surfing the categories which they deem appropriate and they can then check out the different options at hand.

Both readers and business owners can benefit from this association as it allows the readers to find the right connecting points and business owners can get the right target base which they have been looking for. No doubt, QRMart has a lot of other future plans of expansion. After having successfully ventured in many areas and emerged successfully in it, readers and business owners are hopeful that this will also turn out to be successful.

Those who want to check out more details of the magazine can visit https://QRMart.com.sg and find related information.

About QRMart

QRMart is a leading household offline magazine in Singapore which is widely read by people. The company also offers services like web development, web design, and magazine advertisement as well. They are looking to further expand work in other areas too. Find out more about QRMart at https://QRMart.com.sg.