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New Quadcopter and Hexacopter Drones Will Be in Extremely Short Supply in the 2014 Holiday Season, According to Drone Jungle

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Aug 27, 2014) - The perennial search for the toy of the holiday season is a difficult trend to predict. No parent wants to be the one to miss out on an amazing gift for their children, and demand often exceeds supply. One of the trending gifts this year is likely to be quadcopter and hexacopter aerial drones.

As they continue be made more affordable and higher-performance, the stunning aerobatics and maneuverability of an aerial drone are now in reach of the average family. High-quality drones that can be piloted from a smartphone and are equipped for HD video and pictures are available starting at $169 from companies like Drone Jungle.

Aerial drones are the latest in the rare combination of technology, utility, and entertainment. They are so simple to operate that a supervised child can easily learn to pilot a drone, and their amazing video and photographic capabilities have uncharted potential. You may have seen drones recently at large public events, like recording video of 4th of July fireworks displays. A drone video can capture your favorite memories in ways you'd never thought possible -- racing alongside a cyclist, filming your first time on water skis from up close, or capturing aerial views of weddings are just some of the possibilities opened up to the average person by drone videography.

A drone camera is a must-have for aspiring film makers, extreme sports enthusiasts, and adrenaline junkies of all kinds. Whether your child wants to make their own nature documentaries or become a YouTube star by filming their BMX bike stunts, drone cameras can make their dreams possible in new and stunning ways.

The main configurations of drones are quadcopters and hexacopters. The multiple helicopter blades provide stability and astounding maneuverability as well as redundancy for safety. Drone Jungle now offers a wide range of aerial drones, including both 4- and 6-rotor designs suitable for amateurs, professionals and even kids.