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Quantor Platform to Launch the Pre-Sale for Building the Investment Ecosystem of the Blockchain Era

MOSCOW, May 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Quantor, an innovative marketplace, utilizing methods of algorithmic trading, which enables anyone seeking to profitably manage their crypto assets to do this with maximum efficiency and reliability, announced the start of its first round of the pre-sale fundraising on May 21, 2018. 

Algorithmic trading today is an effective and automated approach in making investment decisions. Direct evidence of its effectiveness is the confidence of global investment funds, who successfully utilize these methods in asset management.

Quantor ("Quant accelerator") is one of the most revolutionary projects that can change the investment industry, making it transparent, efficient, and convenient. Quantor will unite the talented developers of investment algorithms ("quants"), acting as an accelerator that helps new and experienced "quants" from different countries to develop algorithms by providing services such as online courses, the testing platform, data, and financial support.

The platform will become a marketplace of trading algorithms where experienced quants can make their algorithm available to investors from around the world. And, whether you have full understanding in the field of quantitative investing or not, you can use these innovative methods.

Blockchain will allow making all processes on the platform safe and transparent. The use of smart contracts will greatly simplify and automate the interaction between all ecosystem participants - developers and investors will automatically receive their share of profits. This approach implements the ideas of sharing-economy gaining popularity in various industries.

The use of a decentralized ledger will make it possible to record all important data of trading algorithms performance, which will increase the transparency, not allowing to manipulate the records of trading performance.

Regular holders of cryptocurrencies (including miners) often do not know how to further manage the funds that were received after a successful purchase. The Quantor platform provides effective tools for managing crypto assets, which do not require additional knowledge in developing investment algorithms. In other words, Quantor provides market-proven and time-tested automated solutions for managing cryptocurrency portfolios based on quantitative methods.

To pay for services within the ecosystem, as well as for a number of other purposes, the Quant (QNT) token will be issued.

To fully develop the ecosystem and implement all services of the platform, the Quantor team plans to sell tokens.

Learn more about Quantor project and terms of token sale on the website: