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Quantum Energy Inc. (OTC: QEGY) and Easy Energy Systems, Inc. Announce New Joint Ventures for the Distribution of the Easy Energy Modular Energy Technologies for the European Union and the Processing of Synthetic Turf & Carpet Feedstock

CHICAGO, IL, July 12, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- Quantum Energy Inc. (QEGY) (“Quantum”) and Easy Energy Systems, Inc. (“EESI”) announce the formation of a new joint venture granting to Raul Factor BV (“RF”) exclusive distribution rights to utilize the Easy Energy Modular Energy Production System “MEPS™” for the development of the European Union market (“EES-E”) and the global processing of Synthetic Turf & Carpet feedstock into various value added products (“EETC”).  EES-E and EETC will each be owned as follows:  25% by Quantum, 25% by EESI and the remaining 50% by RF. 

Kevin Holinaty, a principal of RF, is being quoted as saying, “When we met Mark and learned more about Easy Energy Systems, as a shareholder of Quantum it became apparent that it was a great opportunity for Quantum to become involved with. Their proven track record along with their innovative and patented technology makes for an exciting future. We are pleased to have helped to make this union come together and look forward to building the Easy Energy brand in the EU and beyond.”  

“The Opportunities for our patented Modular Energy Production Systems ‘MEPS™’ that can convert various of forms of crop, forest and other waste into clean energy to help solve climate change are many.  Each of the different fully automated, self-contained shipping container sized modules contain a specific scientific process. These factory-built modules can be shipped to remote villages and cities all over the world. The modules can be connected together in a matter of weeks to convert different forms of waste into different forms of renewable energy and other high value products. Should one scientific process become outdated, that particular module can be quickly removed, and a new updated scientific process module inserted in its place. To both create new modular technologies and distribute them throughout the world, we need great partners. We view QEGY and RF as excellent first step partners in this direction,” quotes Mark Gaalswyk, Founder and CEO of Easy Energy Systems, Inc.  

Raleigh Kone, Co-Chair QEGY:  “This is only our first step, of many to come, as we develop into a true internationally significant energy company. With this new joint venture, we stretch into the exciting markets of the EU. QEGY is agile, environmentally responsible, and is incorporating ‘state of the art’ technology to meet our corporate goals and our shareholders expectations.”

To better understand, see photos and videos that include those of the Iowa-based demonstration plant:  www.easyenergysystems.com

About Quantum Energy Inc.

Quantum is an energy focused company with a project emphasis toward refinery development, construction and operations in the United States and Canada, through its subsidiary Dominion Energy Processing Group, Inc., Quantum is continuing to work on proposed Bakken refinery development projects in Stoughton Saskatchewan, Canada.

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