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Quantzig Analyzes the Top Pharma Marketing Trends That Are Set to Change the Business Landscape in 2020

Quantzig, a leading analytics advisory firm that delivers customized analytics solutions, has announced the completion of their new article that talks about the top pharma marketing trends of 2020. Pharmaceutical industry players are facing several predicaments such as slowed market growth, aggravating drug prices, a patient-centric approach to healthcare, Brexit, and much more. The capabilities required for pharma companies to overcome these challenges and connect with key audiences need to change in 2020.

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In recent years, pharmaceutical industry trends have changed as pharma companies have witnessed a splurge of technologies such as artificial intelligence, voice assistants, interactive responsive UI, and much more. All these technologies have changed the pharma industry’s marketing ecosystem.

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Top Pharma Marketing Trends: 2020

1: Consumer Behavior Surveys

Most of the pharma companies struggle when it comes to utilizing consumer behavior to improve care and services. A close study of consumer behavior can help pharma companies to create awareness and drive sales.

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2: Social Media Interactions

Promoting company values on social media had turned out to be one of the greatest pharma marketing trends of 2020 for several reasons. However, most pharma companies fail to analyze data obtained from social platforms due to the lack capabilities or tools to do so.

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3: Emergence of Electronic Health Records

Electronic health records have become one of the most booming pharma marketing trends for pharma companies in 2020. These records help in developing targeted marketing campaigns and improve engagement rates if analyzed accurately. Hence, it improves the sales and helps in building trust among the consumers for the brand.

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