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QuarkChain Launches Strategic Partnership with NH Investment&Securities

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 14, 2018 / Today, QuarkChain, who is building a new generation of the public chain, announced that it has officially launched a strategic partnership with NH Investment&Securities. The two parties will focus on developing the blockchain technology and platform which will be applied in the financial market.

NH Investment&Securities is one of the largest securities companies in Korea which manages $220 billion in assets and offers a wide range of financial services including wealth management, investment banking, brokerage, and commercial banking.

Ahn Sung-hoon, Head of NH Investment&Securities, said that the technical cooperation between NH and QuarkChain will enable the securities industry to develop digital asset management services that are in line with the trend of the Industry 4.0. He also mentioned this cooperation will play an important role in security and decentralization issues in the financial markets. QuarkChain provides the most secure and fastest public-chain infrastructure platform. Its technology can better meet the requirements of the financial sector. NH will collaborate with QuarkChain in various aspects to promote the ecosystem services.

NH Investment&Securities has been adopting advanced techniques to upgrade financial services in the past and is committed to tapping more leading-edge technologies to improve the efficiency of financial services in the future.

The partnership between the two parties will bring more blockchain related business applications. Under the strategic guidance, QuarkChain's public chain infrastructure can be deeply integrated with NH Investment&Securities' financial service system to ensure highly efficient value and data circulation and transfer. At the same time, NH Investment&Securities has rich experiences in the field of commercial entities, which will advance the commercialization of QuarkChain technology.

The cooperation between QuarkChain and NH Investment&Securities will accelerate the application and innovation of blockchain technology in the commercial field, and effectively promote the continuous development of QuarkChain's ecosystem of business and value circulation.

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