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Queen Elizabeth's favorite breakfast is surprisingly humble

The queen’s breakfast of choice might come as a bit of a shock. (Photo: Getty)

When you think about the queen’s endless breakfast options, you might expect that she’d be chowing down on the finer things in life, such as foie gras on toast or scrambled eggs with truffle oil.

However, Darren McGrady, a former royal chef at Buckingham Palace, has revealed that Her Maj’s morning eating habits are a lot more normal than you might expect.

Speaking to Marie Claire, he started by explaining that “breakfast was very simple for Her Majesty.” That left us thinking that a good old-fashioned British crumpet was in the cards, but alas, it’s not what will tingle the queen’s taste buds come morning.

Instead, her breakfast of choice is the same as that of a lot of commoners: “some Kellogg’s cereal … which she’d serve herself.”

And before you start to imagine her eating Corn Flakes out of an ornate china bowl, McGrady continued to say that Elizabeth often eats her cereal from a “plastic yellow Tupperware container.” Didn’t see that one coming. 

It seems like the queen just likes the simple things in life. (Photo: Getty)

Of course, you can’t blame the queen for having a penchant for a few Kellogg’s. We wonder if she’s a sensible Fruit ’n’ Fiber kinda lady, or maybe shares our love of Cocoa Krispies? 

One thing is for sure: She enjoys the simple things in life. Plus, if Kellogg’s are good enough for Her Maj, then they are good enough for us.

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