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Queensway Academy 'Train to Trade': The Funded Trading Account Program Everyone's Talking About

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LONDON, June 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Queensway Academy, an online Trading Education platform, has just announced the launch of its revolutionary "Train to Trade" education program.

Queensway Academy gamified the potentially intimidating topic of financial education by incentivizing learning and passing courses. The education program is complimentary, and students can graduate at no expense, with the top graduates offered a position as a partner trader within the academy.

Opening the Financial Markets to All

Queensway's mission is to develop the next generation of traders, partner with the best in class, develop a community of responsible traders, and allow them to build a career as influencers in the space while levelling the playing field by allowing financial education for anyone, which seeks to attain this knowledge to improve their understanding and trading skills.

To eliminate students' skepticism or the significant financial investment associated with acquiring financial education, Queensway Academy enables access to knowledge in exchange for students' dedication to learning.

Queensway Academy students advance through the programme by completing course activities, and this structure helps get students started along, encourages, and rewards them for successful progress.

The Queensway academy curriculum includes training and implementing the knowledge in a virtual environment. The academy provides trading strategies and structures intended to help manage risk, hone strategies, and become consistently effective traders. The complete material covers everything a new and intermediate trader needs to know - from asset types to analysis, from stocks to cryptocurrencies, and everything in between.

All Queensway Academy students can access the training stage once they've unlocked the introduction courses and complete their activities.

The Graduate Alumni Program

The Queensway Academy aims to partner with graduate students and develop alumni of traders who advance to trade for the academy - sharing risk and reward by allowing the top traders to trade on the academy's proprietary trading firm.

The Academy offers its graduates a practical assessment period to prove compatibility, responsible trading, and consistent profitability over time. Graduates are required to pass the practical assessment trading by the same rules set for them during the training stages of the programme.

Graduates who prove their abilities may also have the opportunity to become paid mentors, thus completing the cycle and helping others through the very difficulties they faced not long ago.

About Queensway Academy

The Queensway Academy is an online financial trading academy established in 2019 in London. It caters to the needs of both new and veteran traders through a curriculum of video lessons, additional reading articles, eBooks, and webinars – all curated and presented by a staff of experienced professionals. Under the assumption that a growing percentage of the workforce is orienting towards independently administered micro jobs and freelance work, the creators of the academy believe more and more people eventually will be forced to take personal charge of their finances and – indeed – retirement planning. Thus, beyond the actual act of trading, Queensway believes that people must have a fundamental understanding of how financial markets operate before they venture forth into the act of independent investing.