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Quest Institute hosts Summer STEAM Intensive for an international alliance of students in pursuit of the Rainforest XPRIZE

Biosphere 2 in Arizona announced as the training destination for students competing in newest XPRIZE competition

SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Quest teams from around the world are invited to attend the Quest Institute's Summer STEAM Intensive at Biosphere 2 near Tucson, Arizona. Junior high and high school students will have the opportunity to collaborate on various design thinking, engineering, and prototype testing in their search for groundbreaking discoveries for the Rainforest XPRIZE. A $10M prize purse awaits teams in this four-year global competition focused on developing biodiversity assessment technologies to gain insights into this undiscovered environment.

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The Quest Institute formed this international affiliation of teams from Asia, London, Seattle, Africa, and India, challenging students from all over the globe to collectively discover solutions for rainforest protection. The summer STEAM Intensive will bring together this network of students for ten days as they focus their skills in science, technology, engineering, robotics, and business to conduct research at Biosphere 2. 

Students will access Biosphere 2's unique facilities and fully developed rainforest ecosystem that will serve as a laboratory for students' controlled scientific studies, discoveries, and discussions. Biosphere 2's mission to catalyze interdisciplinary thinking and understanding about the future of the earth and promote understanding of global scientific issues aligns perfectly with student teams competing for the Rainforest XPRIZE. 

XPRIZE designs and operates world-changing competitions in the domain areas of space, oceans, learning, health, energy, environment, transportation, safety, robotics, and more. Since 1994, they have launched 17 prizes, each created industry-changing technology that brings us closer to a better, safer, more sustainable world.

Dr. Jyotika Virmani, XPRIZE Executive Director, stated, "The Rainforest XPRIZE will provide a path for humanity to live in harmony with these magnificent environments on our planet. I am delighted that we will have junior high and high school students from around the world compete as one of the teams. The Quest Institute will provide the path for student teams to unite in this effort. We look forward to the outcomes of their collaborative efforts to identify and protect this iconic ecosystem."

Quest Institute Summer STEAM Intensive details: July 16-26, 2020. 3-days of team building, 7-day project-intensive at Biosphere 2. Meals and lodging included. 

For more information, please contact reserve@questxprize.com.

About the Quest Institute for Quality Education:

The Quest Institute is an educational non-profit organization that develops and markets proprietary STEAM-based educational programs and support materials for K-12 schools globally. The mission of the Quest Institute is to introduce, inspire, and ultimately engage students to understand what it means to pursue STEAM-based careers. 

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