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Quick Reactions to the Ravens’ 27-23 loss to the New York Giants

Rich Hallstrom
Quick reactions

Chris L. Brown, Editor:

These losses are quirky. It is a mistake to think that the Ravens are a bad team. Weird circumstances, untimely plays, overshadow a solid defensive effort and a promising offensive effort. All of the o-line penalties either go back to one of two things: 1) The Ravens are not learning the proper way to block and are not adjusting; 2) The Ravens are cheating and the refs are ready for them. I seriously doubt it is the latter. Some of it could be the youth and inexperience injected in the line. If the Jet game next week is close, it is time to worry. These Ravens are very talented and could be on the verge of a 6-game run. They just need to get a little healthier and get some good routes from their WRs. The flukey deep passes to Beckham, I will have forgotten before I finish this sentence. When Jimmy Smith went out, so did the Ravens pass defense. He is too valuable a commodity to lose.

What I will not forget is how much better the offense looked today. I am not worried. This is a playoff team.

Rich Hallstrom, Assistant Editor:

Too much Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr., in the end, led to the Giants winning the game. The Ravens offensive line and young wide receivers must get better for Baltimore to get back on track. The new offensive philosophy is headed in the right direction. The Ravens organization must now have a complete team performance against the New York Jets.

Chuck Mills, Features Editor:

The offense needs to stop hurting itself with penalties and they need to get Ronnie Stanley, Rick Wagner, and Jimmy Smith back. Pass protection and pass defense did the team in.

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