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QuickStart Launches InfoSecAcademy.io for Cybersecurity Professionals

An information security workforce readiness platform using AI and adaptive learning for cyber security certification training to meet career and business goals

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- QuickStart, is an IT skills workforce readiness and certification training company known for industry's first and the most innovative IT workforce readiness platform. On the occasion of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the company has launched a highly personalized information security and certification training portal called InfoSecAcademy.io. The platform will offer personalize information security certification training to help individuals master their cybersecurity skills on the latest and greatest security tools to prevent and combat cyber threats. It will further offer security awareness training to the entire organization.

InfoSecAcademy.io Intro

"You can invest millions in IT security technology, but can you sleep well knowing your workforce can prevent cyber threats?  Absolutely not," says, Ed Sattar, CEO, QuickStart who has invested over a decade in researching and creating standards how personalized learning experience squarely maps and increases business goals attainment by 40%. "Unless you get your cybersecurity workforce ready to adopt and use the technology by training them, you will not be able to prevent cybercrimes. Cyber criminals are very sophisticated, better equipped with tools and training. So you would have to upskill your workforce on the latest and greatest cyber security tools and process to put cyber criminals out of business," he added.

"The number of cyberattacks and data breaches is increasing every day. Every public or private organization is at risk of data breaches from internal and external threats. One of the best and proven methods to prevent organizations from getting exposed to such threats is to train IT and non-IT staff regarding internet-safety to increase awareness and prevent data-leaks. However, the problem is that learner behavior is changing, and the workforce is not engaging and as receptive to training as they used to be. Hence, you have to figure out a different way to engage with your workforce, so they are having fun, learning and see how what they are learning is impacting their career and business goals. This forced us to create a cybersecurity workforce readiness platform called CLIPP," says Faisal Khawaja, VP Engineering.

CLIPP platform does cyber security assessment of competencies and also takes in business goals and projects as input like Spotify and then recommends an adaptive certification and learning path based on the skill set gap and level difficulty. It also has the 'Manager Mode' feature that allows managers to assign courses to different member of their team and keep track of their progress. Besides offering official courseware from EC Council, CompTIA, Cisco, and Microsoft, the platform also offers informal learning through external resources and knowledgebase access.

"We've approached information security certification training very differently by developing the industry's first information security workforce readiness platform that ties business goals to InfoSec training to measure ROI. We use AI & adaptive learning technology to personalize the learning experience for each user," says Ed Sattar, CEO. He continued to add, "As the staff learns, you can see that your workforce readiness index goes up and your competency gaps from the business goals continues to reduce, that gives you the ROI in its purest form on investing in InfoSec education." 

The platform offers personalized learning paths for individuals to go from beginners to experts in InfoSec, and for organization to achieve optimum levels of data security through continuous coaching & mentoring.

There is an overabundance of cybersecurity certification in the market but the way it is delivered is not engaging, does not allow higher retention rates and apply what is learnt in practical situations to outperform cyber criminals. Organizations are spending millions of dollars on web security certifications but have no way of measuring ROI on their L&D investment. 

"Within the IT department, information security function has the lowest unemployment rate meaning there are more internet security jobs than there are certified cybersecurity professionals. We see great opportunity in that," Ed Sattar further added.

InfoSecAcademy.io is offering free cybersecurity certification subscription and cybersecurity bootcamps to people who want to make a career move into the InfoSec industry.

InfoSec Academy also offers cyber security awareness training to non-IT professionals so that they can be the first line of defense to eliminate human error and put cyber criminals out of business with ever-increasing malware and ransomware attacks.

The academy conducted its first free webinar – "How to Build a Threat Detection Strategy in AWS". The webinar was delivered online on October 15, 2019 at 3 PM CST by author, instructor, and subject matter expert, Joseph Holbrook. The recorded session can be accessed via this link: https://email.quickstart.com/p/4KNA-20J/how-to-build-a-threat-detection-strategy-in-aws

About QuickStart 

QuickStart is an Austin based Microsoft Gold Partner accredited by Cisco, NetApp, ITIL, CompTIA, and EC Council. The organization uses its proprietary learning methodology and workforce readiness platform (CLIPP) to transform IT teams. The platform maximizes IT workforce readiness by personalizing adaptive learning using AI and multi-modal to meet IT goals and objectives. The company has also released Sales REP - a new platform for sales reps working for technology vendors. 


About InfoSecAcademy.io 
InfoSecAcademy.io is industry's first cyber security workforce readiness platform that personalizes the learning experience using AI, adaptive learning and multi-modal training delivery to achieve certification training and meet business goals. 

Visit us at https://www.infosecacademy.io



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