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QuiGig Launches New Mobile Application to Offer On-the-Go Access to Freelance Marketplace and Community

HOUSTON, Oct. 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- QuiGig, the decentralized, community-driven freelancer marketplace, is now available as a mobile app, providing freelancers and employers with one-click access to all the functionality of the web-based QuiGig site with added convenience and a personalized experience. The QuiGig platform uses sophisticated technology to connect service sellers and buyers at little to no cost, including a token called Quig to serve as the platform credits for minimizing the cost of using the platform for users.

Freelancers can search for engagements that match their background and skills and bid on them with a few finger taps, enabling them to jump on leads while they're hot. That timeliness also works in a freelancer's favor, as being one of the first to submit a bid enables them to receive a refund of the Quig they spent to do so. Freelancers can monitor other users' activity on a particular gig and resubmit bids to stay competitive. Users can also use the app to make changes to their profiles, manage their Quig balance and network with fellow freelancers.

Employers can use the app to easily post openings and review bids and freelancer profiles, including credentials, ratings and background checks, as well as the QuiGig Choice designation which notes specifically vetted freelancers as qualified, low-risk candidates. Once they have found a suitable freelancer, they can use the chat function to communicate terms, then hire and pay right from their mobile devices.

"We incentivize freelancers to engage quickly with any new inquiries by a full Quig refund when they bid fast to help employers hire faster using QuiGig. Our mobile app provides employers the convenience they need to hire via their smartphones on hundreds of services," said Dr. Emad Mousavi, CEO of QuiGig. "We're also excited to provide our freelancers and service providers with a convenient, personalized experience on the QuiGig marketplace via this app, making it easier for them to view gigs, submit bids, get hired and get paid, without being tied to their desktops. We will continue to optimize the app and add features based on the valuable feedback from both service sellers and buyers."

The mobile app integrates with PayPal and other digital payment platforms to make the payment, collection and bank transfer process quick, seamless and secure, and plans to integrate cryptocurrencies as a payment method in the coming months. While the web-based QuiGig site is accessible on all browsers and devices, the new mobile app is live on Android devices.

For more information, please visit www.quigig.com.

About Quigig:
QuiGig is a seamless, secure, cost-effective and community-oriented platform serving the needs of the ever-expanding "gig economy" in the digital era. From immediate access to warm leads to business insights and recommendations and online and local training tools for professional development, QuiGig leverages advanced techniques and technologies to connect service sellers and buyers and collect, analyze, and share data about their best practices with the community of QuiGig users. QuiGig provides service sellers with easy, free or low cost access to clients, a fair hiring and payment process, as well as data driven insights to support their long term success. For service buyers, QuiGig offers free or low cost access to our qualified freelancer community, providing a convenient and secure way to hire talent for a wide variety of services. To learn more about the QuiGig solution, please visit www.quigig.com. #GigsDoneQuick

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