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Quirky Wedding Vendors You Didn't Know You Needed

SMP Contributor

When you're planning a wedding, there are a few obvious vendors that come to mind: a caterer, photographer, florist and venue. But then there's the indie, under the radar vendors you hear about as you begin to plan your nuptials.

Some off-the-beaten-path vendors include bagpipers, tarot card readers, modern dancers and perhaps even a Wiccan coven (to bless the outdoor ceremony space of course). Heck, you might even hire one before you're engaged. Consider the "proposal planners" who help plan and coordinate the logistics of a wedding proposal. From there, things can only get more exciting, or strange (in a good way). There's a booming business around niche interests and here's the best of them. Doggy planner If you own a pet, the love for them is real and so is the desire to have them included in your big day. But, it's not as easy, or as simple as just having them show up.

Fairy Tail Pets, a Florida based vendor ensures your pet's needs are taken care of. They dress, transport and babysit your four-legged best friend on your big day. The company also assists with ceremony needs and even provides a GoPro mount to capture the celebration from their point of view.

Fashion assistant A whole service is springing up, out of the need for the bridal party to be picture perfect. The Wedding Dresser, a bridal stylist, is one of them. The team ensures everyone is pressed, confident and ready to go. If a seam rips or a button pops off, they're there to get everything back into place. That's something I could have used when my maid of honor's zipper split before the ceremony, and a bridesmaid's dressed ripped during the reception!

Bridesmaid for hire After being asked to be a wedding party one too many times, Jen Glantz decided to turn it into a business. Bridesmaids for Hire offers various tiers of pricing in which the premium package gets you a friend for the day who ensures all your needs are met. Duties extend beyond corralling guests and taking photos for Instagram, they can even be a shoulder to cry on. Colorful fun When thinking of gift bags or fun wedding favors (particularly if your party includes families and children), consider getting your love story told through a coloring book. Curious Custom offers hand-drawn images made using photographs you provide. But let's be serious, coloring isn't just for kids and this is one unique and clever way for couples to wow guests.

Miniature bride Weddings are a fun way for a couple to show off their personality, and there's various ways they choose to preserve those memories. One of the off-the-beaten path options is by having a miniature replica of the bride made. Therez Fleetwood offers custom made dolls, complete with the exact dress, hair, veil, jewelry and bouquet the bride carried.

Ximena N. Larkin is a writer and publicist. She lives in Chicago with her husband and dog.