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Rahim Hassanally Discusses How Increased Charity and Volunteer Work Can Help Texans Lead Better Lives

Avid Volunteer Rahim Hassanally Recently Discussed How Increased Charity and Volunteer Work Help Texans Lead Better Lives

DALLAS, TX / ACCESSWIRE / May 12, 2020 / There's no denying that charity and volunteer work has a positive impact on the surrounding community. However, recent research has shown that volunteer work can have a great impact on the charity provider too. Avid volunteer Rahim Hassanally explained that an increase in how much charity work Texas citizens do could help them lead better lives.

"As Texans, we all lead busy lives," Rahim Hassanally said. "But we need to set aside time for volunteer work, which allows us to give back to our communities and boost our own self-esteem too."

Rahim Hassanally explained that charity work can provide a number of benefits to the person performing it. Among these benefits are a boost in self-esteem and overall mood. Rahim Hassanally also described that the human interaction part of volunteering helps reduce stress, anxiety, and anger.

"We could all use a little de-stressing in our lives," Rahim Hassanally said. "And why not combine that de-stressing with an opportunity to give back to the community you love."

Studies show that volunteer work can combat depression and boost the hormones in the brain that deliver happiness. Experts believe that we are hard-wired to provide aid to others, and the more often we give, the better we feel.

"Volunteer and charity work gives me a sense of purpose," Rahim Hassanally said. "This is a feeling of purpose my occupation and hobbies can't provide."

Volunteer workers like Rahim Hassanally explain that volunteer work can also have a positive impact on your life in visible ways. He explains that having an ample amount of charity work on your application gives a better impression to employers. Rahim Hassanally says those seeking a career in a certain field can also volunteer in the field to gain experience.

Rahim Hassanally Explains the Importance of Volunteer Work

Rahim Hassanally explained that many Texans lead fast-paced lives, working long hours, and barely being able to squeeze in enough family time. He described that volunteer work needs to be something Texans prioritize for their own mental and physical health and the overall health of the community. For many, providing volunteer work can be an opportunity to squeeze in a bit of exercise, family time, and community time all in one. However, Rahim Hassanally explained that obligating a portion of time for volunteer work needs to be a priority for citizens and families to stick to the plan.

"Most importantly, volunteer work gets you out in your community, interacting with others and participating in an experience that's positive for everyone involved," Hassanally finished. "The fact that it can benefit your mood, stress levels, and even your career are just added bonuses."


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