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Ralph DiBugnara’s Exciting 2021 Brings a New Docuseries, Leadership Academy for Underserved Youth in Need

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / February 23, 2021 / Many people are self-made. Many face adversity, and many overcome it to become successful. Ralph DiBugnara is no different. He acknowledges that his story is not unique, and yet, he realizes that his true unique quality is how he uses success to change the lives of others around him for the better.

Ralph is able to do this through the northeast-based mortgage group he runs, a real estate franchise and community-based business that includes a leadership academy and branding company. His company is set to be featured in a new docuseries by Disruptors Network, set to stream on Amazon Prime Video, Roku TV, and Apple TV.

His motivation to enter the mortgage industry was his desire to be in a position that allowed him to grow simply based on hard work - an opportunity that wouldn't limit him with a ceiling or cap of any kind.

"I was able to find my place first in sales, an opportunity to build my own business that gave me leverage to not only help myself more, but bring others with me as well," Ralph says.

Despite what looks like a simple journey in working towards success, Ralph recalls a lot of challenges while getting where he is today. All in all, he believes that keeping an overall goal in mind can be difficult when your everyday routine is keeping you in the weeds, busy with details.

"Focusing on the end goal when nothing is certain and facing setbacks and failures along the way. You have to learn in business that failures only make you better as long as you do not quit and keep pushing forward," Ralph says.

What was able to get him through these challenges, Ralph points out, is a strong mindset. Keeping this is difficult as Ralph knows society today likes to keep us away from hard times, despite this being the best way to quickly learn from your mistakes and grow as a person and entrepreneur.

"Mindset is probably your most important tool when starting a business. We have become a society adverse to losing or failure, but those are the very events that make you stronger and help you grow. Setbacks are an opportunity to build our business muscle and help our vision for the future. As business owners, we need to lead calmly and with certainty that we will ultimately succeed," Ralph says.

As someone who has been able to find success, Ralph always recommends to other young entrepreneurs looking to start their own business to focus on sustainability

"To truly create a special business that will last and be successful, you need to realize that having a business that matters means you will have to be willing to do special things that you wouldn't do otherwise. For example, this means working hard at it every day for long hours. At the end of the day, it won't come easy," Ralph outlines.

Another main aspect to keep in mind for new entrepreneurs is how to constantly work on leadership. A business is only as good as how you work with the people on your team or in your network.

"Your process with other people being good is a necessity for truly successful businesses," Ralph explains.

By focusing on his end goals and mindset, Ralph is able, for the most part, to combat the inherent fear that creeps up with running your own business. Personally, Ralph finds that fear often appears when he's unprepared for the tasks ahead.

"Fear for me is being unprepared. Unprepared to complete the task I need to complete or unprepared with the information or leadership my team needs. I always want to over prepare so I'm ready for anything that may come towards me. I get up at 4:30 every morning so I can have a few hours to prepare for the day. I know that without that extra work I will be playing defense all day and not offense," Ralph says.

In the coming year, Ralph is looking forward to the grand opening of The Disruptors Academy, a leadership program for underserved youth looking to enter real estate as a career opportunity. With this leadership program and his upcoming docuseries, Ralph certainly has an exciting and promising future ahead in 2021.

Paula Henderson

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