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Ram Rumble Bee Concept Could Go Into Production

Jeff Perez

For all you MOPAR enthusiasts looking for a followup to the epic Dodge Ram SRT10– here it is, the Ram Rumble Bee concept. Making its world debut this year at the Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit (in concept form of course), it was an amazing example of “what if,” conjuring up many memories of the Viper-engined pickup.

But that “what if” might actually turn into “when.” According to Edmunds, rumor has it that Ram is seriously considering letting loose the Rumble Bee onto the streets and into the hands of consumers.

ram-1500-rumble-bee-concept (2)

Following well-deserved praise in Woodward, the Hemi-wielding, 385-hp super truck is being presented to Ram dealers across the country, hoping to stir up some interest. Of course, if it did hit the production line, it would likely be toned-down some from the matte yellow paint scheme and literal bumble bee inserts inside the car.

Of course, the F-150 Raptor better watch its back, the Rumble Bee looks like it is one mean machine.

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