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Ramon Laureano makes insane throw from warning track to first base to complete double play

Ramon Laureano made an insane throw from the warning track in center field to first base on Saturday night against the Angels to complete the double play. (Getty Images)

Oakland A’s outfielder Ramon Laureano hasn’t been playing in the Major Leagues long — just four games, to be exact.

Yet after Saturday night, it’s safe to say he’s made his mark.

In the bottom of the third inning on Saturday night in Anaheim, Los Angeles Angels left fielder Justin Upton hit a deep fly ball to left-centerfield. Laureano made an impressive catch on the run, causing Eric Young Jr. — who was already on first base — to have to round second and head back to tag up.

Instead of hitting the cutoff man and simply taking the single out, Laureano took his shot.

The 24-year-old fired the ball all the way from the warning track to first base, completing the double play.

Here’s another angle:

The throw was reminiscent of Yoenis Cespedes’ bomb throw from the left field wall to home in 2014 against the Angels, too, when he saved a key run in the eighth inning.

There’s still nearly two months left in the regular season, but it’s probably safe to say that Laureano is leading the race for throw of the year.

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