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Rams Owner Stan Kroenke Sees Progress Despite Losses

Steve Rivera
Stan Kroenke Owner, Los Angeles Rams

For fans of the Los Angeles Rams whose foreheads are bloodied from banging it up against a wall, stop. Stan Kroenke sees progress, meaning Jeff Fisher will continue as head coach, Les Snead will still be the General Manager, and the status quo will continue to flourish in L.A.

I like Jeff Fisher, but I hate what the definition of “progress” means in Los Angeles.

Stan Kroenke, whose focus is not on wins and losses, feels “safe” with a guy who has become the face of a franchise whose greatest attribute is mediocrity, not winning.

Don’t blame Fisher, who wouldn’t want his deal? If he can parlay “moral victories” into job security, don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Yesterday in Detroit, you saw a backup quarterback at best, a game manager at best, but not an NFL starting quarterback. On the bench is the number #1 overall draft pick. A bad selection by every metric of rookie quarterbacks in 2016, who is best known for not knowing what direction the sun rises or sets.


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You saw a bad O-line that has effectively shut down the most talked about running back coming into 2016.

You saw a team who when the defense struggles, so do the chances of a win.

You saw a team whose special teams may garner more votes for Team MVP than anyone else. Who doesn’t love Johnny Hekker or Greg Zuerlein? For a team who relies on luck a little less than field position, they are the best of the Rams in 2016.

And in Los Angeles, for Jeff Fisher and Les Snead, that’s job security. For Stan Kroenke, that’s progress. In Los Angeles, that’s NFL football.

Question, how would that play in New England?

Exactly, that’s the difference.

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