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Difficult series for Ramzes


Ramzes of Virtus.Pro: Ramzes couldn't continue to shine, as Virtus.pro lost 2-1 to LGD at The Summit 7. He ended with a final KDA of 7/10/21.

Ramzes played very well on Sven in Game 1. Working well with Solo on Warlock in the safe lane, he was able to accumulate an excellent early farm, and fulfilled his role by taking towers and dealing massive damage in team fights. Game 2 was a disaster for Ramzes on Lone Druid. Although he managed to grab an early Midas and a sub-20-minute Radiance, he was unable to make any impact, and finished the round with a KDA of 0/5/2. In Game 3 he played as Faceless Void. Although he had numerous Chronospheres that trapped two or more LGD heroes, there was rarely enough followup from his teammates to make a difference. He finished the round with only 8,525 damage dealt.