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Ranking The Best Shows On Netflix You Can Stream Right Now

Netflix has become that friend who just won’t stop proposing outlandish new ideas. You definitely love a thing or two they come up with, but at a certain point, it’s simply way too much to process.

The company is spending $6 billion on original content in 2017. So the over 100 million people across the world who subscribe to the service have an inevitable paralysis of choice ― and not every show is going to be a hit. Honestly, most are kind of mediocre. But the service has a record of putting out at least a few gems every year, all of which will hopefully end up in the ever-changing list below. 

For the weekend of Nov. 4, Streamline recommends “Alias Grace” in the top spot, unseating “Stranger Things 2.” This is the second adaptation of a Margaret Atwood novel to earn critical buzz this year, following “The Handmaid’s Tale.” It likely won’t have the same cultural takeover that “The Handmaid’s Tale” achieved given its more subtle feminist message, lack of immediate connection timing-wise to Donald Trump’s election and far more subdued costuming choices. But this could still be a sleeper hit and is well worth checking out.

Netflix could use another hit right now to distract from the week they’ve had involving actor Kevin Spacey. Over the last several days, multiple people accused Spacey of sexual harassment, including underage men. The service’s first hit show,“House of Cards,”stars Spacey. Netflix first announced that the season currently in production would be its last and then subsequentlysuspended all operations.

The last season of that show was already a mess with multiple characters getting killed off for increasingly ridiculous reasons and Spacey’s character getting increasingly marginalized. Within the current narrative arch of the show, it actually wouldn’t be that ridiculous to just have Spacey’s character assassinated and cede the project to Robin Wright. This could be considered heading in theWrightdirection.

HuffPostalso reported on the multiple rape accusations against “The Ranch” star Danny Masterson. That sitcom also stars Ashton Kutcher, his former co-star on “That 70s Show.” Netflix has not announced a chance of plans for “The Ranch” as of yet.

“Stranger Things 2” debuted last week to much buzz, but has fallen a few spots on the Streamline list. It still appears to be very popular, but many critics and fans expressed that this season didn’t quite live up to their expectations. 

HuffPost writer Bill Bradley enjoyed the second season, but felt it was trying a bit too hard to not be confused for family fare. One joke in particular that involved a double entendre with the phrase “pull out” seemed hilariously out of place. Still, if you enjoyed the first season, this new story is worth your time.

“Mindhunter” is getting more buzz and moved up the list again. Much like the start of “House of Cards,” David Fincher directed the episodes that start this series. As mentioned before, “Mindhunter” continues to be the most ridiculous name on television right now.

Continuing from last week, Streamline is also recommending a documentary. A brief description of, “Icarus” follows the main list. And after the documentary recommendation is a list of movies and shows Netflix is adding in the next few days.

Note: This list only includes shows that debuted their most recent episode less than a year ago. Much like the main list, it prioritizes newness.

Season 1 Release: Nov. 3, 2017

Season 1 Release: Oct. 13, 2017

Season 2 Release: Oct. 27, 2017

Season 1 Release: Sept. 15, 2017

Season 4 Release: Sept. 8, 2017

Season 1 Release: Sept. 22, 2017

Season 2 Release: May 12, 2017

Season 1 Release: April 28, 2017


The Documentary Recommendation For The Week:


Release: Aug. 4, 2017

A good way to cap off indictment week would be to revisit this documentary from earlier in 2017 that focuses on the Russian government meddling with global affairs. HuffPost highly recommended the movie earlier this year. The documentary follows cyclist Bryan Fogel as he attempts to cheat a doping test and ends up becoming good friends with the Russian scientist responsible for Russian Olympic athletes cheating in multiple Olympic games. Fogel eventually has to hide the scientist in the United States as the Vladimir Putin’s government appears to kill the Russian coworkers to cover up the story. The documentary is a roller coaster ride and good primer on the current state of the Russian government.   Here are the shows and movies arriving to Netflix next week: Nov. 4 ″Williams″ Nov. 5  “The Homesman” “The Veil” Nov. 6 “The Dinner” Nov. 7 “Dizzy & Bop’s Big Adventure: The Great Music Caper” “Fate/Apocrypha: Part 1” (Netflix Original) “Killing Ground” “P. King Duckling” (Season 1) “Project Mc²: Part 6” (Netflix Orignal) “The Journey Is the Destination” Nov. 10 “Blazing Transfer Students” (Season 1) “Dinotrux Supercharged” (Season 1, Netflix Original) “Glitter Force Doki Doki” (Season 2, Netflix Original) “Lady Dynamite” (Season 2, Netflix Original) “Mea Culpa” (Netflix Original) “The Killer” (Netflix Original) 

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