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Ravenswood Care Center Urges Individuals to Engage in Long-Term Care Planning

RAVENSWOOD, WV--(Marketwired - May 6, 2013) - Ravenswood Care Center, an assisted living facility, has helped elderly individuals and their families in securing the support that seniors need to successfully age in place. As such, the professionals working within this community have accumulated a great deal of insight regarding the needs of elderly individuals when it comes to long-term care. Long-term care encompasses the assistance of home care professionals or placement in nursing facilities. Here, the professionals at Ravenswood respond to a recent article posted by The New York Times that sheds light on the financial aspect of long-term care and why insurance is an important consideration for aging adults. 

The article considers the parents of Andy Shapiro, who demonstrated the importance of long-term care insurance: "His father required a live-in health care aide for the last two years. He has been able to afford that and stay in his home because about 30 years ago, he bought a long-term care insurance policy.

"Such policies pay for help with daily activities and care, like dressing, bathing and feeding, either at home or in an assisted-living facility or a nursing home. Without the coverage provided by the policy, Mr. Shapiro said, his father would be living in a nursing home."

The professionals at Ravenswood Care Center understand that long-term care insurance may seem like a waste of money for younger adults; however, investing in this type of insurance can prove financially expedient in the future. A representative comments: "Long-term care insurance is a product, just like health insurance, that is there to protect individuals should they ever need to call upon it. Because aging is a natural process -- one that no one can avoid -- it is safe to say that the majority of individuals who live into their 70s and 80s, even those in their 60s, will need assistance with activities of daily living. As such, it is an important form of insurance for adults to invest in."

The article showcases that cost can be a problem for individuals looking to secure this form of insurance, as the market is still growing with the increasingly large population of seniors who are buying into insurance policies. To avoid purchasing the wrong policy, the professionals at Ravenswood encourage individuals to work with an experienced insurance broker who can guide them to the company and policy that will fit their needs.

The elder care professionals at Ravenswood Care Center urge individuals to make an appointment with their insurance agents to speak about available long-term care policies.


An assisted living facility in Ravenswood, West Virginia, Ravenswood Care Center is close to the picturesque Ohio River. The professionals at this elder care community provide independent living accommodations for residents, who can age in place in either a private or dual occupancy suite. A family-owned company, the facility was opened 50 years ago and, with a staff of approximately 50 professionals, cares for an estimated 80 residents with personalized, compassionate attention.