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Ray Higdon Retires From Network Marketing

FT MYERS, FL / ACCESSWIRE / February 18, 2016 / Ray Higdon, who works in Ft. Myers, FL, has announced that he is retiring from network marketing. This has come as a huge surprise to the industry, which prompted him to release some more information on his intended retirement and the reasons behind it. He feels that the team he has built up will be better served to provide coaching and training services instead.

Ray Higdon himself says: "Our coaching and training business has skyrocketed and has become our primary focus. We feel it is where we can impact the world and this profession at the highest level. As such, my team and I are now fully retiring from network marketing, so that we can place an even greater emphasis on our clients who require training and coaching."

In 2015, Ray's team experienced two million dollar months through coaching and training. Various other interesting things have also happened during the year, which all pointed to the necessity for them to focus more strongly on coaching and training networkers. Ray and his team are looking forward to being able to extend their services.

Technically, Ray Higdon did stop network marketing efforts to a degree already. As early as 2013, while they continued to recruit people into their team, they no longer promoted the opportunity through their blog and email. While they did recruit behind the scenes, it quickly became apparent that the greatest interest of their clients lay in the coaching and training that they provide.

"We had gotten feedback that some leaders shared our training with their teams so we stopped publicly promoting our network marketing business," explains Ray. "We now have over 75 companies that have some form of our training in their back office and this year will be the first year we are keynote speakers at different company events. Because of those reasons we no longer feel it would be right to continue to actively build a network marketing team."

Ray Higdon does want to make it clear that the decision to fully retire from network marketing was a difficult one to make. However, the time feels right to change their focus to other things.

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SOURCE: Ray Higdon