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Read This Before You Say YES To Being a Bridesmaid!

SMP Contributor

It actually happened, this is not a drill—your best girl is engaged! Did you know that traditionally the bride had bridesmaids dressed up like her to ward away evil spirits? It was a big task then, and it's still a big task now!

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You would probably love nothing more than to stand next to her on her wedding day, but before you quickly dive into wedding excitement, take a look at everything that comes with being in a bridal party!

This Love of Yours PhotographyAttire

Here comes the age-old adage: 'you can totally just wear it again!' It comes with the territory, but you have to go along with whatever the bride decides for you to wear. Luckily, we're living in what I like to call the Golden Age of Bridal. Some brides are going for specific color schemes only, and letting their girls choose their own dresses. Gone are the days of puffy sleeves and massive hoop skirts (hopefully). At least, in this case, you may actually want to wear it again!

Hair and makeup are along the same lines. Often a bride will have the make-up artist do everyone all at once, and give the party a sense of cohesion with the same hairstyle. You're obligated to go along with whatever hairstyle she chooses, bobby-pin headache and all!

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As a bridesmaid or maid of honor, your job begins with the engagement and ends when she sets off on the honeymoon! This includes all of the events leading up to the wedding such as the bridal shower and bachelorette party. You get to team up with all the important girls in the bride's life to craft some serious fun and memories. No pressure, but you know she would do the same for you, right? If you commit to being a bridesmaid, I say, go all out! Make it a great experience for the bride as well as for you!

Erich McVey PhotographyWedding Day

You've made it through all the planning, the late night long-phone calls, group messages and appointments. The day of the wedding is game day. You've got some key responsibilities: knowing how to bustle that gown in your sleep (and how to fix it if it breaks), bathroom duties, and speech duties. And of course, your clutch is stocked with essentials like bobby pins, safety pins, mints, and a needle and thread. Enjoy that open bar as you will have surely earned it!

Amy Rizzuto PhotographyCosts

Tally up the costs of what we just talked about, and it comes to a pretty significant bill. Bridesmaid gowns these days will range but average $200 (be sure to check out the Style Me Pretty bridesmaid dress collection at Weddington Way). Then there are costs of traveling for bachelorette parties, gifts, and the wedding costs themselves.

In the end, you need to do what makes sense for yourself. Before you say YES, recognize that with being a bridesmaid comes extensive responsibilities and expenses, along with a lifetime of memories!

Style Me Pretty Contributor - Goli Parvinian is a bridal enthusiast and masters student living in Melbourne, Australia. Over the past few years, she has worked for bridal brands in her hometown of Chicago, New Zealand and New York City. You can typically find her in a cafe, face-timing her nieces or out on a long run.