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Real-Estate Tech Company Faira Offers Full Commission Savings to Homebuyers

Seattle-based Faira, a full-service online real estate brokerage that allows home sellers and buyers to complete home transactions through an online bidding platform, can now offer a 100% commission rebate to buyers.

SEATTLE, Nov. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- New and exciting in real estate: Seattle brokerage Faira launches a new program for homebuyers offering 100% commission savings—minimum. While many real estate brokerages offer cash back with a home purchase, Faira is the only brokerage that guarantees the buyer's savings will equal the full commission or more.

Faira Homes logo (PRNewsfoto/Faira)

Here's how it works: when you buy a home with Faira at or above the list price, Faira refunds the entire buyer's commission at closing. However, if Faira's agents negotiate the price of the home lower than the asking price, homebuyers get an upfront discount as well as an additional cash rebate in most scenarios.

Plus, unlike other brokerages who receive commission regardless of their buyer's satisfaction, Faira takes no commission on the home sale unless the buyer's winning offer is below the list price of the home. Faira's commission, if applicable, is an even split of the difference between the list price and the final sale price of the home—up to but not exceeding the commission offered by the seller. 

"Faira was founded with the belief that real estate should be simple, transparent, and fair," says CEO & Founder Dr. Kamal Jain, "and Faira is the only brokerage whose interests are truly aligned with homebuyers. Our incentive is not just to win the home for our buyers, but to get them the best possible deal—and if we fail, we earn no commission at all."

Faira's new buyer program is currently available in Washington State, and homebuyers can also get up to 2% cash back when they buy a home with Faira in California or Arizona.

About Faira:
Faira is a real estate technology platform that is revolutionizing the way people buy and sell homes – saving money, time and stress for both buyers and sellers. For more information, visit www.faira.com/buy-promo


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