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What Really Terrifies Google About Facebook's New Search Product

Alyson Shontell

It's clear Facebook's new Graph Search is a direct blow to Google. It was created by a team of former Googlers and Facebook is using Microsoft Bing as its backup for Web searches.

While Google dominates the search market, Google+ has done little to steal Facebook's social market share.

Facebook's Graph Search, if executed properly, will be more useful than Google searches when it comes to finding personalized results and trusted recommendations. And it will do it all using data Google's search engine can't touch.

Wired's Steven Levy explains:

For years now, Facebook watchers have wondered when the company would unleash the potential of its  underpowered search bar . (Nobody has feared this day more than Google, which suddenly faces a competitor able to index tons of data that Google’s own search engine can’t access.) They have also wondered how a Facebook search product might work. Now we know.

Graph Search is fundamentally different from web search. Instead of a Google-like effort to help users find answers from a stitched-together corpus of all the world’s information, Facebook is helping them tap its vast, monolithic database to make better use of their “social graph,” the term Zuckerberg uses to describe the network of one’s relationships with friends, acquaintances, favorite celebrities, and preferred brands.

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