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Realty.com CFO Says Apple's Safari Browser Redirects To His Competitor

Wayne Duggan
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Over the years, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) has made countless innovations to make life easier for its users — except for the CFO of Realty.com.

Scott Custen said in a Facebook post Thursday that the Safari web browser automatically redirects traffic from his website to one of his top competitors.

The CFO posted a message directed at Apple along with a video demonstrating his issue with Safari on several different new Apple phones.

In each instance, Custen typed “realty.com” directly into the Safari web browser address bar ,and in each case the browser directed him to the website of competitor Realtor.com.

“Hey Cupertino Folks! When you type Realty.com (my company) into Safari and press go it takes you to Realtor.com (my competition). Can someone do me a solid and fix this?” Custen wrote in his post.

Disabling Safari Suggestions resolved the issue, he said. 

Other Safari Users Report Similar Problems

Custen is apparently not the only one dealing with this problem in Safari.

Several users have posted this week in a thread related to the problem on Hacker News.

“Last year it started picking words from your query and going through your history and using that to autocomplete so you'd always go to some random thing from your history that's barely relevant even for the most generic search terms,” one commenter said.

“Now it's randomly loading other websites I have never been to when I type search terms (I searched ‘sketch’ the other day and it took me to ‘sketchers.com’).”

“I have another one. ‘b.dk’ turns into ‘eb.dk.’ Two different Danish newspapers. Can't be true I can only use one of them,” another user wrote.

A spokesperson for Apple did not immediately reply to a request for comment from Benzinga. 

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