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Recently Launched SalesScreen Introduces 4 Key Components to Help Employers Incentivise the Millennial Workforce

SINGAPORE, Oct. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- SalesScreen, a tool designed to help enhance team performance and increase sales through gamification, has recently launched in Singapore; recognising that the Singaporean millennial employee needs to be incentivised in a new way to excel in their role.

SalesScreen launched in Norway in 2011 and has established a strong reputation and foothold in both Europe and the US. Having been in Singapore only 5 months, they have already enjoyed some early success in helping companies effectively and efficiently enhance the performance of their sales teams through their interactive, dynamic and collaborative online platform. While the tool is developed around rewards and recognition of success against sales targets, SalesScreen quickly realised that in Asia it could also be used to help build stronger culture and improve retention in a region where staff turnover is extremely high and loyalty to employers generally low.

Some of the core innovative features SalesScreen has built into their platform are designed to do just that; build culture, create a sense of belonging, encourage team work and competition and reward performance and results. The 4 key components of the solution are:

  1. Recognition: Sharing the accomplishments of users across SalesScreen dashboards to allow peers to recognise and celebrate these achievements. Accomplishing goals will also earn users' virtual coins which can be exchanged for real-world rewards;
  2. Competitions: Pitting individuals and teams against each other in company or individual-initiated competitions, with the goal of outdoing their peers in hitting - and even exceeding - their targets;
  3. Leaderboards: Broadcasting progress and achievements of users on leaderboards in real-time. This allows everyone to keep track of who's leading the competition, and be motivated to work even harder; and
  4. Visualisation: Visualising key performance indicator data using dashboards to help users better interpret results, predict outcomes and set new goals. These customisable dashboards can be displayed on desktops, mobiles and even television screens - from anywhere in the world.

SalesScreen enters the market at a time when approximately 56% of Singaporean employers are reporting difficulty in filling open jobs, and HR Directors and C-suites are actively looking for new solutions that will help attract and retain the millennial talent.

Looking at how Singapore's employee turnover rates are the highest in Asia and the ease with which millennials jump jobs, these solutions clearly need to be reflective of the values of this generation and be relevant and relatable to their digital, tribal and competitive sense of self.

Building culture by gamifying performance

SalesScreen believes it's time to introduce new tools that offer more sophisticated means of optimising work performance by stirring up friendly competition between colleagues, and heaping upon millennial employees the recognition that they crave.

SalesScreen provides a dynamic, interactive and effective solution to these new challenges' employers face. It allows companies to set up individual, team and company-wide competitions towards hitting performance targets. And when there are competitions, there are prizes: winning employees bag virtual coins that are exchangeable for real-life rewards, be it a shiny new Nintendo Switch console or making a sporting colleague perform 10 push-ups before a meeting.

To take things up a notch, SalesScreen blasts each employee's progress within the competition on leaderboards in real-time, down to the very second. 

These leaderboards are displayable on desktops, mobiles and even office-wide TV screens, so anyone in the office who cares to -- and you can bet that this will probably be everyone -- can keep an eye on who's leading the pack, who's in super-close second and who really needs to pick up the pace.

But this doesn't mean work will become a full-on rivalrous, colleague-versus-colleague affair: built within SalesScreen is also a social media-style news feed where employees can celebrate each other's achievements by "liking" and commenting on them -- an activity that millennials are already highly familiar with.

With this avenue to freely dish out and receive recognition comes the fostering of a supportive work culture that instils a sense of friendship, loyalty and belonging among colleagues. After all, everyone likes to be praised, and not the least millennials. Leaving the job may also become a harder decision as that will mean leaving friends behind, something that a 10% pay raise at the new job may not make up for.

Purpose over paycheck

When it comes to the aspirations of the millennial workforce, "purpose over paycheck" appears to be the name of the game. Employers must feed the desire of these individuals for meaningful work by showing them how their contributions are making a difference to the company and also rewarding them for their achievements.

Singapore Regional Director for SalesScreen, Vidar Haaland states in an interview:

"Old and ineffective ways of incentivising performance must make way for new tools that better optimise employee performance tracking and recognition for employers. By allowing individual performances to be compared between employees and recognised, tools such as SalesScreen will drive up the levels of competition and supportiveness at the workplace, and keep tribal-spirited millennials motivated and engaged at work for longer."

Employers must embrace new ways of attracting, engaging and retaining their workforce, lest they lose talent to more enlightened competitors.

If you want to understand how to sign the best talent, optimise performance and build a culture that benefits both the bottom line and the employer brand, it's time to get gamified and it's time to get digitally dynamic.