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WATCH: Former Microsoft Ranter-in-Chief Now Yelling, Chanting About L.A. Clippers

Daniel Bean
Assistant Editor
Yahoo Tech

Recently resigned Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer kicked off his ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers on Monday at a team/fan rally in L.A., a venue where the tech billionaire’s passion and excitement seem more well-placed than ever before.

Tweet from Bill Plaschke

There was shouting, chanting, a promise of championships; Steve gave out his email address to the fans (Sballmer@clippers.com). But, hey, we expected nothing less from Bill Gates’ fiery former No. 2. And since Ballmer announced Tuesday that, in addition to leaving his CEO post six months ago, he will now also be stepping down from his seat on the Microsoft board of directors, we should see most of his enthusiasm pointed exclusively at basketball.

For those uninitiated to the Ballmer way of grabbing a stage (and from the looks on many of the faces of the Clippers players, they may have been out of the know), watch this sweaty, loud, and fervent “Best of Steve Ballmer” YouTube video (below).

Good luck next season, Clippers fans. We know we’ll be rooting for your team to win it all, because — goodness! — a championship parade with Ballmer at the lead: That. Would. Be. Amazing.

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