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Red Lambda Named a "Top 10 Cybersecurity Solution Provider" by Capital Markets CIO Outlook Magazine

LAKE MARY, Fla., April 5, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Red Lambda, a leading provider of cybersecurity software, today announced that its MetaGrid solution has been selected as a "Top 10 Cybersecurity Solution Provider for Capital Markets" by Capital Markets CIO Outlook Magazine, a leading online and print publication focused on capital market trends.

With ever-expanding reliance on cyber systems, capital markets CIOs continue to seek effective solutions to strengthen their organization's security posture. To help CIOs find the right provider for cybersecurity solutions, Capital Markets CIO Outlook Magazine assembled a panel of CEOs, CIOs, analysts, and Capital Markets CIO Outlook editors. This panel reviewed cyber security companies with a record of expertise in assisting organizations in the capital markets arena with innovative security solutions. The panel also weighed the robustness and reliability of the solutions and selected Red Lambda as a top ten finalist in the cybersecurity market.

"We are pleased to be selected as a top ten provider of cyber security solutions by Capital Markets CIO Outlook Magazine," stated Iain Kerr, CEO of Red Lambda. "Capital markets, like many other government and industry segments, are under siege by cyber threats. Red Lambda solutions help organizations defend against these attacks, allowing them to rapidly detect cyber threat activities and initiate timely threat responses."

Red Lambda's software solution, called MetaGrid, can rapidly identify threat behaviors of both known and unknown, zero-day, attacks. Using patented technologies that fuse distributed computing, relational stream processing,  advanced data analytics, AI, and machine learning into one unified system, MetaGrid, enables organizations to quickly detect cyber anomalies and implement threat remediation measures to mitigate threat effects.

Coverage of Red Lambda's award is located on the Capital Markets CIO Outlook Magazine website at: http://www.capitalmarketsciooutlook.com/magazines/March/2017/#page=26 .

About Red Lambda 
Red Lambda, a leader in cybersecurity innovation, provides solutions that enable corporations and government organizations to immediately detect and defend against cyber security threats in order to mitigate their effect.

The company's flagship product, MetaGrid, a next-generation data threat detection software, leverages patented technologies in anomaly detection, artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and advanced data analytics to safeguard businesses against both known and unknown, "zero day" cybersecurity threats.

Based in Lake Mary, Florida, Red Lambda distributes its solutions worldwide through direct sales and strategic partnerships. Additional information about Red Lambda and MetaGrid can be found at www.redlambda.com.

Red Lambda, Inc. 
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