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Redbox Debuts a Free Streaming TV Service

Chris Kissell

Redbox is joining the ever-growing list of companies offering free streaming services.

The company best known for its movie-rental kiosks recently unveiled Redbox Free Live TV.

This service features nearly 30 third-party channels and three exclusive channels with movies and TV shows.

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The third-party channels — such as American Classics, USA Today and Unsolved Mysteries — feature “a mix of classic and cult movies and television series, news and short-form entertainment,” Redbox says.

The exclusive channels are:

  • Redbox Rush — action and adventure content
  • Redbox Comedy — humorous films and stand-up comedy
  • Redbox Spotlight — a curated channel that offers featured and recommended titles

In addition, Redbox says it expects to roll out 10 more channels each month.

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You can start watching the service now from the Redbox Free Live TV webpage.

You can also view it on the following types of devices via the Redbox app:

  • Smart TVs (which currently include LG and Vizio)
  • Streaming devices (which currently include Apple TV, Chromecast and Roku)
  • Smartphones and tablets (which currently include Apple and Android mobile devices)

Redbox says the service will be available on more devices in the coming weeks.

You do not need to log in to an account to watch Redbox Free Live TV. But as is the case for most free streaming services, you should expect to see commercials.

Redbox explains:

“Free Live TV is an ad supported platform because that’s how we’re able to offer free streaming to viewers like you!”

More free or cheap streaming TV options

The new Redbox service joins a growing list of free and relatively cheap streaming options for viewers hoping to “cut the cord” and avoid expensive monthly cable TV bills.

Recently, we told you about how one such service — Sling TV — is now offering 3,000 hours’ worth of TV shows and movies online at no cost. But there are many other options.

If you want a wider selection of entertainment and sports, you’ll probably have to pay for it. But you don’t have to fork over a fortune. For more, check out “4 Streaming TV Services That Cost $20 a Month — or Less.”

For even more options, check out Money Talks News’ latest coverage of streaming and traditional TV services.

Have you cut the cord? Tell us about your experience in comments below or on our Facebook page.

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