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Redskins Cousins always “Brings It” against Eagles

Steve Rivera
Kirk Cousins, QB Washington Redskins

History says Cousins goes big

Say what you want to about this season, but every tram has that one opponent that brings out the best in them. For the Washington Redskins, and especially for quarterback Kirk Cousins, that team is the Philadelphia Eagles. This key stat from Tim McMcmanus at ESPN: In three career starts against the Eagles, Cousins has completed 66 percent of his throws with eight touchdowns to just one interception for a 105.1 quarterback rating. 

Cousins could use a big game to silence the critics, and the Redskins could use a big game against an NFC East opponent to keep the momentum going. Sometimes, the calendar gives you just what you need.

Su’a goes Harry Potter?

So, does Su’a Cravens have an eye “issue” do to a concussion? Media reports tend to be mixed. The Redskin srookie sustained a concussion in the Redskins/Browns game on October 2nd. This from Cravens via CBS DC: On Tuesday, Cravens snapped himself shopping for glasses. After deciding on Gucci frames, Cravens explained, “So due to my concussion, my eyes have lost the memory to keep track of moving objects, so I have to wear these for the rest of my life.”

I think Su’a will be just fine.


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Eagles and Redskins

One add to the Eagles Redskins tilt on Sunday. The Redskins need to stop rookie Carson Wentz. Wentz, who could have been, maybe even should have been the number #1 pick in this past draft, has been a surprise this season. Don’t forget, Philadelphia sent Sam Bradford, himself a top draft pick for the Rams back in the day, packing to Minnesota. Wentz has been impressive, and spirits are high in the City of Brotherly Love.

This from ESPN: Wentz has thrown for over 1,000 yards through four games with seven touchdowns and just the one interception. He’s been dynamite against the blitz, completing 27-of-32 passes with three touchdowns, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

It’ll be a good one.

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