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Redskins RB Alfred Morris Getting His Mazda 626 Restored

Jeff Perez

If you don’t know the story of Alfred Morris, or how he came into possession of a 22-year-old Mazda 626, prepare to be humbled. While in college at Florida Atlantic University, the running back was low on cash and transportation. So, a local pastor offered to sell Alfred his Mazda 626 for a mere $1 (rather than simply give it to him and be in violation of NCAA rules).

Since that time, Alfred’s driven his 5-speed 626 (which he’s given the nickname “Bentley”) nearly everywhere. Rather than going out and blowing cash on a new whip, the multi-million-dollar running back is getting his 1996 Mazda 626 restored thanks to DC area Mazda dealers.

Alfred Morris 2

The full restoration will include a brand new dash, a full engine and transmission overhaul, and a thorough cleaning throughout to get his classic Mazda back looking showroom new and ready for winter. For now, Morris is behind the wheel of a brand new Mazda6 loaner car, until his baby is back on the road later this week.

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