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Redtea Mobile Launches eSIM-Based Data Service RedteaGO on iPhone

SHENZHEN, China, Feb. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The pioneering device connectivity solution provider Redtea Mobile is announcing a new digital eSIM network service available for iPhone users. Users can now activate an additional cellular plan on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models, iPhone XS models and iPhone XR, making it easy to use two separate data plans on one device.

Upon launch, users can simply download the RedteaGO App from the App Store on their dual-SIM and eSIM-unlocked iPhone running on iOS 13.3 or later to easily choose from a wide selection of flexible and attractively-priced data plans, covering more than 50 countries and regions for overseas travel and business trips. More destinations are expected to be covered in the near future.

RedteaGO offers worldwide cellular connectivity for iPhone customers, who can remotely create a digital local eSIM based on the location of the device.

"RedteaGO gives iPhone customers the freedom to dynamically select mobile network services, allowing the ultimate convenience to buy pay-as-you-go data plans and freely switch among plans when traveling," said Dr. Hui Jin, Co-founder and CEO of Redtea Mobile. "As a smart, hassle-free choice for iPhone users, RedteaGO has true potential to wow the industry and to make profound impact in the community."

For more information see www.redteago.com.

About Redtea Mobile

Redtea Mobile is a pioneering eSIM technology practitioner and device connectivity service provider. By offering the complete eSIM-capable solution with pervasive cellular network coverage for various types of mobile devices across the world, Redtea Mobile has shipped its embedded connectivity capability to over 250 million devices with global 2G/3G/4G network resources covering 100+ countries and regions. Visit www.redteamobile.com for more information.

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