Reflect Scientific Inc Receives Patent for Green Cooling Technology

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Reflect Scientific Inc.
Reflect Scientific Inc.

OREM, Utah, June 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Reflect Scientific, Inc. (Symbol: RSCF), a provider of diverse products and services for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and transportation industries announces that it has recently been awarded the following ground breaking patent “Completely green system for cooling refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners that does not use HCFCs or CFCs”.

The system employs the company’s Cryometrix temperature control system coupled with the use of liquid nitrogen or liquified air. In house demonstration has shown the system to be cost effective in the aforementioned applications. Utilizing a non-polluting cryogen based on air results in complete elimination of hydrofluorocarbons. According to the Climate and Clean Air Coalition, HFCs are potent greenhouse gases that can be hundreds to thousands of times more potent than carbon dioxide (CO2) in contributing to climate change per unit of mass.

“This is a significant opportunity for us.” remarked Mr. Kim Boyce, CEO, Reflect Scientific Inc, “There is a huge market in the trillions of dollars for our system in household refrigeration and air conditioning as well as many Institutional and Industrial applications that are currently using HFCs. The federal government has also set out to reduce emissions of HFCs by purchasing alternatives whenever feasible and transitioning to equipment that uses safer and more sustainable alternatives to HFCs.”

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Reflect Scientific, Inc., based in Orem, Utah, develops and markets innovative, proprietary technologies in cryogenic cooling for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical, and transportation markets. Among Reflect Scientific’s products are low-temperature freezers and refrigerated systems for laboratory, transportation, and computer server room uses. Visit for more information. See us on Twitter @ReflectSci and LinkedIn

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