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Refusing to raise the debt limit will sabotage the economy

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Debt ceiling

Republican leaders in Congress want to blame Democrats on the debt default? Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is being disingenuous. He and the Republicans refusing to raise the debt ceiling are sabotaging our economy by refusing to pay bills the GOP legislatively passed.

Under Trump, Republicans suspended the debt limit three times — with Democratic support — adding almost $8 trillion to the debt.

I’m all for taming the beast (Simpson-Bowles anyone?), but I’m dead set against this GOP hypocrisy and denial of reality. Selling out the country’s future for political points is lame.

Chip Potts, Mooresville

Chip Potts
Chip Potts

Work ethic

Regarding “We shouldn’t return to welfare without work requirements.” (Sept. 19 Opinion):

Bill Clinton promised to “end welfare as we know it.” Small businesses, restaurants, hotels, manufacturers, and others just can’t find enough workers, with “help wanted” signs everywhere. Years ago the mentality was if you don’t work, you can’t feed your family. Today’s attitude for some is “live the good life with a government check.”

Jim Cherry, Charlotte

Media coverage

I am saddened and appalled by the recent events surrounding Gabby Petito. But why was she singled out for such massive media coverage by major newspapers, CNN and numerous other news outlets? There are Black, Latino and Asian females who are abused and go missing daily. Why are their stories not covered as extensively as that of Petito?

The extensive coverage of Petito compared to those of other races and nationalities is unjust and can only fuel the fires of racial discontent in this country.

Petito’s case is very tragic, but we can do a better job of reporting these events.

Richard Van Hooser, Charlotte

Haitian refugees

As many as 14,000 Haitian refugees were camped at the southern border. Last week, some of them were herded like cattle by border patrols on horseback. Now, the US is returning hundreds of them to Haiti.

Daniel Foote, Joe Biden’s special envoy to Haiti, has resigned in protest of the inhumane treatment.

Haiti is a nation run amok. The president was murdered, the country has been devastated by an earthquake and hurricanes, COVID-19 is uncontrolled, and the economy is bankrupt. Gangs roam the streets without a stable police force to maintain law and order.

If we allow these refugees to stay in our country, I am sure there are enough churches and charitable organizations to provide for them. They can be tested for COVID-19 before entry. Has big city life made us so indifferent that we have no feeling for our fellow human beings?

Ron Pereira, Monroe

Morgan School

Regarding “Why this historic school matters so much to Cherry,” (Sept. 19 Opinion):

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools should gift the Cherry school building to the Cherry Community Organization. It is historic and relates to a period in our history, not only the African American population but also to the white population. Many have very fond memories tied to that building and the people who attended classes there. It should never be sold, especially not to anyone who would tear it down and replace it with an apartment building or a government building, etc. We have too few remnants of our history left.

Sheila W. Evans, Charlotte

Sheila Evans
Sheila Evans

Put politics aside

The writer is a retired teacher.

Growing up, I had required readings in school. The readings made our subjects more realistic and applicable to life. Parents and county boards should read Trent Bowers’ Sept. 19 op-ed, “Please don’t take your anger out on the teachers.” Think of teachers’ safety, as well as the safety of all personnel that we rely on to teach our children and teens. Let’s put politics aside and do what’s best for our children and their teachers, substitutes, bus drivers, custodians, dietitians, administrators and parents.

Claude Underwood, Charlotte

Poor road planning

A new elementary school just opened on Sandy Porter Road just west of South Tryon Street. The City of Charlotte made no road improvements or modifications to accommodate the increased traffic.

When parents come to drop off or pick up children, they park in the road because there are virtually no shoulders, thus reducing an already heavily traveled Sandy Porter Road to a single lane.

It’s either enter into a game of “chicken” with traffic coming from the opposite direction, or wait for as long as 20 minutes while the parents are able to get onto school grounds.

This is an untenable and dangerous situation. Adjustments need to be made immediately before there are multiple traffic accidents or incidents of road rage. The situation is a glaring example of some very poor planning.

Dexter Greene, Charlotte