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Regine Dubono Writes About the Side Effects of Psychiatric Drugs in Two of Her New Books

NEWARK, N.J., Jan. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Mom and Her Autistic Daughter, is a true story, and you may want to watch the book trailer on YouTube.  Whereby when the mom tries to manage her daughter and takes her home, she has to apply for a respite home instead.

The Mad Scientists of Planet Terrorista, is a science fiction script, with travel between the stars to other universes, just like our earth, and people just like us.   The problem the mad scientists seek to remedy is the sudden break of communication between the inhabitants of Planet Terrorista with the humans of Debonnaire.  The problem was created by the advent of neuroleptics and to study the effects of the drugs on humans they abduct Bella Hunt. As a result, her mom appeals to Sherlock Holes who finds Bella on Planet Terrorista ten years later and make it possible for her mom to visit her. By the time they are able to rescue Bella out of the Terrorista research center, they are unable to rid her of the toxins from the psychiatric drugs and Sherlock has to resort to going back in time to the opening scene, but this time it's on Terrorista.  And Sherlock who has fallen in love with Hyacinth, moves in with her to help her raise a flowless Bella.

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Unfortunately, psychiatric drugs increase disability.
Desiree today

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