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Rejuvel 3D May Be The Best Anti-Aging Cream in the World

In an Interview with Rejuvel Bio-Sciences Executives, Stock-Sector Explores the NASA-Licensed Science behind the Company's Breakthrough Skin Care Product, Rejuvel 3D, along with the Company's Bright Prospects

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 26, 2015 / Stock-Sector.com, an online source of news about promising medical, technology and energy companies, today announced that it is releasing an interview [VIDEO] with Charles Scimeca, President of Rejuvel Bio-Sciences, Inc (NUUU), and Vice President John Stickler.

In the interview, Scimeca and Stickler explain how Rejuvel has created a breakthrough skin care product using technology licensed from NASA.

Stickler describes how he traveled to Houston to learn how NASA scientists were growing stem cells-those capable of growing into any organ in the body-in a bioreactor that simulates the near weightlessness of space. In microgravity, the cells grow in three dimensions, making them far more potent than those grown in regular gravity in a flat two-dimensional dish.

Rejuvel licensed the NASA technology and then grew plant stem cells that provide the unique ingredient for their Rejuvel 3D skin cream. “It’s space certified and it will help regrow your tissue, Stickler says in the interview. “It is the best anti-aging cream in the world.” Clinical results in which wrinkles diminish, dark spots fade and skin becomes softer and more youthful prove that it works, he says.

To market the breakthrough product, Scimeca is partnering with distributors globally, and in the U.S. he intends to land a Home Shopping Channel. “We feel this product can be a home run,” he says.

That may be just the beginning for Rejuvel Bio-Sciences. “As revenues ramp up, we can move into medical type formulas and products.,” explains Scimeca.

Another strong vote of confidence in Rejuvel Bio-Sciences comes in the August 17, 2015 issue of Conservative Speculator. “I believe that its innovative products are proving they have a huge potential market,” writes Lawrence C. Oakley. “That may well result in extremely large revenue & profits.” The company, he adds, “should…provide you with a great deal of long-term appreciation, even in an unfavorable economic climate.”

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