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Release of Short Story Anthology and the #WithoutExpiration Exhibition

Challenging Righteous Indignation through Art in the Post-#MeToo Era

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- "Are we bad people who sometimes do good things, or good people who do bad things?" It is through this question that author William R. Hincy's short story anthology Without Expiration, released today by Whiskey-Winged Lit, challenges our ideas of what makes a good person from a bad one.

Timed to coincide with the book's release, commuters and shop-goers and even people going to Pasadena City Hall were confronted by poster board signs not asking for money or food, but instead broadcasting misdeeds. "Left without saying goodbye," "Was careless with a heart," even "Not a sustaining member," were seen throughout the southland, all signed with the hashtag #WithoutExpiration.

Onlookers were left with a lot of questions, which was precisely the point, according to William R. Hincy. The exhibition was meant to challenge our notions of moral authority and righteous indignation. Similarly, the book ponders how we move forward as a society when every transgression is chronicled in perpetuity. Combining literature and performance art, Hincy highlights questions left in the wake of the #MeToo movement, chiefly what does redemption look like for those whose transgressions have been brought to light?

Featuring work published in some of America's best short fiction journals, Without Expiration has been described as turning the short story form inside-out. Author T.D. Johnston, winner of the International Book Award for Friday Afternoon and Other Stories, says, "Hincy's stories reveal the wisdom, versatility, and human understanding of an author the world needs."

Without Expiration is available in print and ebook today. To learn more about the #WithoutExpiration exhibition and read the short story "When Angels Get High" that inspired it, visit williamrhincy.com.

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William Hincy
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ISBN: 978-17327579-0-5 (print), 978-17327579-1-2 (ebook)
Publisher: Whiskey-Winged Lit



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