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Remembering Lost Leaders in Business

TheStreet Staff

NEW YORK ( TheStreet) -- Memorial Day will be celebrated in a variety of ways, on Monday. For some, it's time to catch a good sale and see a parade, or fire up the grill, or just relax. Fashionistas may consider it as a green light to wear white slacks, white shoes and matching white handbags -- but only until Labor Day.

Many will remember our veterans who have died. Some will donate at the local VFW. Others will be reluctant to give.

As we prepare to honor our veterans, let's pause to remember the families and lives of our fallen business leaders. Since January 2013, we have lost at least one company founder or CEO per month.

In January 2013, Aaron Swartz, activist and co-founder of Reddit, and Jody Sherman, the founder and CEO of Las Vegas tech start-up Ecomom died. Officials ruled both deaths suicides. Swartz was only 26, Sherman, 47.

In February 2013, Paul McIlhenny, the chairman and CEO of the Tabasco sauce company died after an apparent heart attack, reports say. He was 68.

At the end of March, Analog Devices' CEO Jerald Fishman died at 67, following an apparent heart attack.

A month later, Al Neuharth, founder of USA Today and former Gannett CEO, died after complications from a fall. He was 89.

May marks the deaths of Ottavio Missoni, founder of the famous Italian fashion house Missoni, who passed away at home, at the age of 92. Then Toronto Sun's legendary founding editor Peter Worthington died. He was 86.

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