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Reminder Rosie Reduces Medical Errors and Caregiver Stress

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Jan 22, 2013) -

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Life Assistant Technologies (LAT) has launched Reminder Rosie™, a personalized health improvement assistant that is an exceptionally simple, hands free alarm clock with voice activated commands.

Spoken reminder alarms are digitally recorded in the caregivers'' voice, in any language, for any important reminder.

Poor Medication Adherence, a massive problem worldwide, is easily addressed with specific medication reminders. For example, "Dad take your five white and one blue pill after breakfast" ... 9:00 AM every day. Rosie''s flexibility also allows for proactive reminders. For example, "Mom, make sure you go for your walk today" ... 10 AM every Wednesday.

Reminder Rosie''s loud spoken alarms may be heard from more than 100 feet (30 metres) away. Its incredible simplicity responds to questions and commands such as: "Today''s Reminders?", "What day is it?" or "Reminder off" and more. It features a battery back-up in case of power outs.

Proven in test trials and reviewed by health care professionals and industry experts, Reminder-Rosie''s simplicity engages the care recipient and caregiver. The outcome significantly increases seniors'' independence, their ability to stay at home longer, and gives valuable peace of mind to caregivers, reducing their stress.

Gary Rotman, President of LAT and inventor of Reminder-Rosie, explains that "care recipients don''t want high-tech, complicated, learning intensive solutions or personal intrusions such as phone calls or texts. It jeopardizes their independence. Reminder-Rosie is the opposite of intimidating, it''s the simplest of appliances, an alarm clock with big digits. Utilizing our cutting-edge voice technology, its flexibility and ease-of-use eclipses any reminder device we have found anywhere in the world. Even with complicated medication regimens such as for Alzheimer''s sufferers, Reminder-Rosie proved to help tremendously, all the while saving the health care system millions of dollars."

LAT is already collaborating with various like-minded industry players. Alan Majer, CEO of GoodRobot, claims that "Reminder-Rosie''s voice technology is the most user-friendly front-line system we have encountered."

Mr. Rotman admits that the real challenge is bridging the Technology Gap that exists regarding educating the target market about homecare technologies. Angus Reid conducted an online survey on behalf of Caregiver Omnimedia in November, 2012 as part of a landmark report, "Homecare Technology." The study found that half of the respondents, which included family caregivers, those living with assistance and those living independently, cited healthcare professionals as the most credible source of information for technology. 

"We started to reach out to Occupational Therapists, Nurses, Social Workers, PSWs, Pharmacists and Community Case Managers about the benefits of Reminder Rosie," notes Rotman. "At major hospitals we are setting up ''Lunch and Learns'' where we demonstrate and discuss the benefits of our device to up to 15 healthcare professionals and the response has been very encouraging. And we just started shipping to hospital outpatient clinics and community living centers."

Terrance Morgan, executive VP, Caregiver Omnimedia, identifies the challenge. "While technologies currently exist, awareness and access remains a challenge. The private and public sectors will need to work together to raise awareness and engagement. We all have a social responsibility to do more."

Life Assistant Technologies (LAT) is a high-tech consumer product development, marketing and distribution company specializing in voice controlled assistive technology solutions within a personalized platform for health improvement and management. More information is available at www.lifeassisttech.com.

See our video on YouTube at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=5--OzTL0Hr8.

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Reminder Rosie is launching at www.indiegogo.com/Reminder-Rosie for a suggested retail price of $100.

Demo units are available upon media request.

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