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Report: Halladay won't have specific team cap in Hall of Fame

For most Toronto Blue Jays fans the assumption was that Roy Halladay would be the club’s second official Hall of Famer. It appears this won’t come to pass, though.

According to Sportsnet’s Arash Madani, the Halladay family has decided not to have the iconic ace represent either the Blue Jays or the Philadelphia Phillies in Cooperstown.

The decision is something of a controversial one considering the big right-hander spent the vast majority of his career in Toronto. On the other hand, he achieved his most historic feats, and made his only playoff impact, in Philadelphia.

While it would be fair for either side to find this development puzzling, it’d be hard to justify actually being mad at it. Harbouring resentment towards the family of a man who died far too soon for how a bronze plaque will be decorated isn’t exactly a good look.

There may be people who are disappointed they didn’t get their preferred outcome, but ultimately Halladay is in the Hall of Fame, and a first-ballot entrant at that. For those who enjoyed watching him pitch, that acknowledgement ought to be more important than anything else.

Roy Halladay won’t be either a Toronto Blue Jay or a Philadelphia Phillie, specifically, in Cooperstown. (AP)

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