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Report: Rams' stadium, development costs approaching $5 billion

Shalise Manza Young
Yahoo Sports Contributor

As happens every year, there’s been a fair amount of news coming out of the NFL’s annual spring meeting, happening this week in Orlando, Fla.

But one of the most eye-popping morsels may fly under the radar: on Tuesday, ESPN reporter Seth Wickersham tweeted that team owners were set to vote to increase the debt limit for the Los Angeles Rams’ new stadium in Inglewood (which they’ll share with the Los Angeles Chargers).

According to Wickersham, internal league documents project the cost of the project at nearly $5 billion – or $4.963 billion to be exact.

That’s…a lot of money. According to ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s, it’s enough money to buy three pints of their yummy treats for every person in America. Personally, we’d rather have the ice cream than another enormous, soulless stadium, but that’s just us.

Pricy new digs: reportedly, NFL documents estimate the cost of the Los Angeles Rams new stadium and surrounding development is close to $5 billion. (AP)

Anywho, as Wickersham notes, that bloated figure isn’t just for the stadium; it’s for the entire development around the stadium as well.

And the NFL’s media arm announced on Monday that development will include NFL Network, NFL.com and the entire media group, so we know at least they’ll be one of the tenants there.

As of last year, the stadium alone was set to cost $2.6 billion, which dwarfs the cost of every other NFL stadium.