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Report: Windows 10 Will Be Sold on a Flash Drive

Daniel Bean
Assistant Editor
Yahoo Tech

According to information allegedly obtained by German news site WinFuture, some retail versions of Windows 10 will be sold on preloaded USB flash drives.

A Microsoft spokesperson declined to confirm or deny the news, citing the company’s policy to not comment on rumors or speculation.  

The much-anticipated multi-platform version of Microsoft’s flagship OS is built to operate not only on full PCs, but also tablets and ultrabook laptops, most of which don’t typically pack a CD or DVD drive. A USB thumb drive version would allow smaller, next-gen machines to also install Windows 10 Home or Professionial versions from scratch without a lengthy download.

The full-install version of Windows 10, set to be released on July 29, will start at $119.

Of course, since Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will come as a free, downloadable update for current Windows 7 and Windows 8 customers, most PCers will never need to see a Windows 10 disc or flash drive.

But hey, by slowly eschewing plastic discs and finally giving us a version of Windows that’s better than Windows XP, Microsoft is already well on its way toward embracing 21st century technology. Way to go, Redmond!

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